Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stress Rash Treatment

A stress rash is often referred to as stress bumps or stress hives. Most people are surprised to hear that you can break out in hives just from having too much stress and anxiety in your life. I felt the same way. I even spent over $400 on doctor co-pays, medical test and medicines trying to find a cure for my stress rash. While the majority of doctors will tell you that there is no cure for stress induced hives, there are a few that will recommend you try OxyHives. I've tried various different stress rash treatments and at the end of the day, OxyHives is the only treatment that worked for me. Here's my video where I explain how I found OxyHives in the first place.

Having suffered from stress hives myself, and gone down the road of trying to find a cure for them, I learned that most people that suffer from chronic hives are actually suffering from a stress rash. I figured this out when I saw the stress hives pictures at
Here's an example of what stress hives can look like...

Please keep in mind that everyone's hives are going to look different, so if your rash doesn't look the same as mine or the ones on, remember that is completely normal.

Ironically, seeing so many doctors and dermatologists about my stress rash, taught me that most doctors don't have a cure all for the condition. They simply tell you to lower the stress in your life as much as possible. Easier said than done! I still strive for finding the best way to lower the stress and anxiety in my life, but I fully acknowledge that may never happen. In the meantime, at least there is OxyHives to help alleviate the itchy feeling and make the raised bumps go away.

If you haven't tried OxyHives before and are looking for where you can buy it, I provide a direct link on my hives treatment website.